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Customer Story

CIBNOR Unifies Multiple Locations with Interoperable Conferencing Service

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CIBNOR sought a more efficient, interoperable SaaS meetings platform to provide modern, face-to-face video calls for connecting researchers, students and professors worldwide. BlueJeans’ ability to easily integrate desktops and tablets with video conferencing equipment made video meetings simple, more productive and greatly reduced the need for IT support.


  • Simplify the user experience via any endpoint and improve audio/video quality.
  • Bring single platform interoperability to multi-vendor, video conferencing solutions.



  • BlueJeans delivered reliable, high quality audio/video, a consistent user interface, and plug and play interoperability across multi-vendor endpoints.



  • Increased video conference usage by 67% in three years.
  • Reduced IT support requests by 12%.
  • Saved approximately $630,000 USD on travel and travel-related expenses.

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La Paz, Mexico