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Facebook Rolls Out BlueJeans to Modernize Online Meetings

BlueJeans Customer Story: Facebook
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With BlueJeans, Facebook enables click-to-join video conferencing and virtual meetings across any device or room system. Every employee has access to his or her own virtual meeting room in the BlueJeans cloud for scheduling and hosting on demand video, audio or web conferences.


  • Maintaining company culture across multiple countries worldwide and providing easier, convenient, and more effective employee collaboration.  

  • Room-based conferencing systems could only connect to other room-based systems, but not desktops or mobile devices. 


  • BlueJeans’ single, software platform supports video, audio, and web conferencing while allowing employees to interact face to face and screen share content simply by joining a meeting through a URL with one click.


  • BlueJeans Meetings support up to 150 participants anywhere using a variety of video-enabled devices, including traditional conference room systems.  

  • Every Facebook employee has access to his or her own personal meeting room.




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Menlo Park, CA