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Customer Story

Toptal Helps Organizations Hire Top Talent With BlueJeans Video Calling

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Toptal needed a modern video communications platform with API integration, one-touch join, and reliable tech support. With the help of BlueJeans Meetings, they’re able to provide a seamless employee experience for connecting top talent and organizations, thereby increasing quality and satisfaction across the board.


  • Supporting a simpler, more reliable video meetings experience for operational teams, clients, and network talent.
  • Tracking important meeting data to streamline operations and improve the user experience.
  • Getting access to an easy, unified API meetings integration to sync with internal booking tools and unite the communication experience.


  • BlueJeans one-touch join and WebRTC support video conferencing that is simple to use.
  • BlueJeans supports API development to integrate with internal platforms, enabling a web conferencing experience within the Toptal portal and scheduling interface.
  • BlueJeans provides access to a huge pool of analytics data via Command Center and API.


  • Delivered a streamlined and seamless user experience company-wide.
  • Increased overall call satisfaction by 30-40% over a 6-month timeframe.
  • BlueJeans’ API and integrations are the most useful features for users and managers.


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