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Expand your telemedicine and virtual health initiatives with BlueJeans

Provide a convenient, fast, and personalized telehealth video conferencing experience for patients and providers while ensuring enterprise-grade security that enables you to remain HIPAA-compliant.

Why BlueJeans for Healthcare

BlueJeans video conferencing enables convenient and secure healthcare consultations from any device, anywhere


Premium Audio and Video

HD Video and Dolby Audio for a completely immersive experience, so consultations can feel natural and inobtrusive even when network conditions are poor.

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Flexible Join Options

Join from desktop, mobile or supported browsers (no downloads required). Enable patients to join with the device they are most comfortable with.


Accessibility by Design

Closed captioning, color contrast and screen reading capabilities allow everyone to have a successful telehealth video conferencing experience.


Enterprise-grade Security

Protect patients’ privacy with meeting passwords, locked meetings, and enterprise-grade encryption which are essential for HIPAA-compliance.

App Integrations

Seamless Workflows and Integrations

Launch BlueJeans directly from Epic and other common EHR platforms to streamline telehealth encounters, ensure compliance and reduce complexity.

Interactive Dashboards

Comprehensive Management

Quickly deploy BlueJeans to ensure rapid telehealth availability. Easily monitor usage and troubleshoot issues to minimize any disruptions to essential appointments.

The Future of Healthcare

Video enable every aspect of your practice


Patient Consultations

Broaden your practice with video consulation options for primary care, telepsych, telecardiology, chronic disease management, follow-up care and beyond.

Virtual Family Visits

Connect patients to family members over video and bring comfort into the hospital room, ensuring safety and reducing the risk of in-person visits.

Multi-Disciplinary Meetings

Collaborate with experts and specialists from different locations. Easily share charts, images, documents and applications to facilitate discussions around the best treatment options.

Staff Training

Empower staff with the latest knowledge through virtual training and case presentations. Use recordings to develop and share a library of resources that capture session highlights and critical learnings. 

Patient Advisory Boards

Partner with patients to capture their perspective. Reduce hassle and time spent on travel, and increase participation by using features such as chat, hand-raise and breakout rooms.

Virtual Conferences

Conduct healthcare conferences to connect with professionals around the world. Share knowledge and provide support to patient communities with virtual seminars and webinars.

Customer Story

"We now run approximately 50% of our meetings using video, which we didn’t expect. BlueJeans has enabled a big cultural shift in helping people simply communicate better. We can have calls with people in transit – which we previously couldn’t have."

Dan WoodhouseHead of IT ServiceBTG International

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Accelerate your telehealth initiatives with BlueJeans.